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Physical Therapy

Measure the direct success of your marketing as you serve more patients

The days of a patient going straight to a physical therapist referred by their doctor aren’t gone - but having that referral result in an appointment is meeting more detours along the way. While doctor referrals are the largest source of new business for physical therapy clinics, patients who are prescribed physical therapy are making more informed decisions by seeking recommendations from their friends, referrals on social media, and information they find through their own online research.

PT practices rely on LBN to increase their patient base while they help patients heal.

Finding a trusted physical therapist conveniently located near home, work or school is important to a parent or caretaker. Through LBN’s work with more than 80 physical therapy locations and PT brands, we’ve developed a data-informed proprietary solution that is driving online engagement and phone calls for appointments through local digital marketing for physical therapy offices. We also make measurement of marketing performance simple for physical therapists, including:

Increase mobile and online engagement with information patients need to make an appointment.

Our experienced healthcare marketing strategists understand there’s a small window of time between the time a patient is prescribed physical therapy and begins treatment. This is why executing a local digital strategy with precision is critical to business growth. Physical therapy clinics rely on our team and LocalBizNOW technology solution to take care of the heavy lifting and to apply the right balance of tech, strategy and analytics so that patients come to you.

Performance & Insights

$2 million

revenue generated over 12 months with LBN’s local digital marketing solution

85% Increase

in video engagement

34% Increase YOY

in Mobile & Online Engagement

21% Improvement

in Cost-Per-Click YOY

$1,000 Average

physical therapy patient value per first series of appointments

Challenges facing Physical Therapy practices

  • Patients choosing WOM referrals over doctor referrals
  • Online and social reviews
  • Changes in the health insurance industry
  • Changes to costs covered by patient or insurance

Based on measured consumer engagement, the most important information customers seek online when looking for a physical therapist are: information on the PT’s website, calling the office directly, and directions to the office.

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