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Veterinary Care

Driving measurable engagement so pet owners know you’re there for them.

Pet owners in need of emergency veterinary care are concerned for the immediate and sometimes life-saving care for their pet. Finding a provider fast is of utmost importance. Certain factors including services provided, hours, location and cost race through their minds.

Being discovered online in that important moment when a dog or cat needs care and providing your clients with information they can act on is the first step in giving pet owners peace of mind and guiding them to choose you.

Emergency Veterinary Care offices around the country rely on our experienced strategists and LocalBizNOW proprietary local digital marketing solution to drive those online and mobile connections pet owners make with you. Our approach has proven to be a valued, reliable source of leads and increases your local brand presence so your business is top of mind when a pet is in need of urgent veterinary care. It also ensures your local digital marketing for each location generates engagement with precision based on the pet owner’s search behavior, location and need.

Quick decisions are made when it comes to veterinary emergency care. Our clients have 3-5x greater visibility in search results with important information pet owners seek:

We understand that knowing how marketing dollars perform and measuring ROI by location are important for veterinary business owners and management groups. Veterinarians, marketing managers and office managers find value in our real-time reporting and analytics so they have a clear understanding of marketing performance, consumer data, phone call data and strategies that are driving calls, appointments, and walk-in visits.

Performance & Insights

147% CTR Increase YOY

230% Increase YOY

in Click-to-Call via Mobile

33% Improvement

in Cost-Per-Engagement

Being there for pet owners after hours

Local digital marketing helps emergency care veterinarians be the answer for pet owners who rely on after-hour veterinary consultation.

Based on measured consumer engagement, the most important information customers seek online when looking for emergency veterinary care are: calling a location directly, general info about the emergency veterinary practice, and getting directions.

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